Title: Aída
Year: 2008
Length: 32''
Technique: Audiovisual

They know your feelings, emotions, desires, flaws, they catch our attention, they awake our interest, stimulate our desire, action, consume, buying...

Title: Non Title
Year: 2008
Length: 1' 52''
Technique: mixed

The apparent stillness of reality is juxtaposed with the symbiotic and fictitious dimension that produces the organic sensation of amazement.

On the other hand the dynamic image, opposed to the lack of intrinsic movement of its surroundigns, again opposed to the existence of extrinsic movement.

If we add to these perceptive sensations the suspension of the moving image, which contrasts with the inorganic growth and decrease of the apparent reality, we create a dramatic tension that disturbs the spectator throughout its development.

In this way, the audiovisual allegory intends to open a debate concerning the myth of the cavern- cathodic- related to the authority of fictitious social values felt as legitimate, when those that are truly legitimate, inherent to that which is most primitive in human beings, revolve in inferiority, struggling to coexist on equal terms. The solution to this paradox leads us to think about the idea, accepted as well as mistaken, referring to "everything that appears on television is true", in which we can also include our video-creation understood as a form of media.