Óscar Lloveras

What surprises me about Oscar Lloveras´ work is his relation with society, and also with nature. He attempts to erase the duality... a duality which exists between some and the others, or between some and the totality of their own surroundings.

His works are tangible headlamps permanently open to all that is monumental, but also towards the infinitely smallness of a trace, of a small branch found in a notebook of memoirs… memories of a journey written from a glance. The insistence on transmitting all that is produced in the field of vision. A curiosity (openness) which is going to move around within this field.

We can imagine a gesture which moves around a space limited by invisible signs. Later, the gesture is translated into a workshop.

The “ everything goes” idea spells the accident, the surprise; the body frees itself from its support. The metal point stresses and translates that which is grasped through plastic writing. An osmotic relation between the presence of the memory and the reality of the gesture. It is all based on adapting this sum of memories to reality.

It is the reason of Oscar Lloveras´ activity, which penetrates in the places and proposes an observation. The gesture takes place in negligible or monumental way. The physical work, which is so important, participates in that which is physical of the environment and he questions it again. The meeting of a direct relation between that which is observed and what is done: that which is lived in the same place. We could say that the place is adapted to an intruder, which is the work.

The terrain is an obligatory step to erasing the absence, or more clearly, to occupy it. Llovera develops other areas, eliminating the voids left in spatial structures, and terraces this with traces, doing a vertical journey.

Oscar Lloveras is a space adventurer. And his successive journeys happen due to a need to grasp an everything without completing it. The act of creating or making is always linked to pleasure. Pleasure is always present, even though its gesture is monastic. Rays of light cross silence. The standing body leaves a place for the body folded in the workshop.

The diversity of techniques and materials are witnesses to this sensitivity which is produced from the grain of sand to the tree, from the arcade of a church to the stone on the path. The journey of the arcade links the ground with the sky.

Lloveras attempts to relate his experience in plastic with the others. “The shape approaches the being and the being approaches the shape”. His work is in no way innocent, but it produces as are the pages of a book. Communication is crucial in his work... language is predominant. In its permanent movement, it moves towards the infinity of us.

Duchène Gérard


Pº del Prado, facing Prado museum.

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