Lavapiés Chipén. Sonic memory of a neighborhood

Manuel Calurano y Anna Raimondo

Length: 8' 13"

The sounds of a way, the calls of the night watchman, the sound of music in the public space, bells, cars, these are some of the sounds that build up the aural memory of the Lavapies neighborhood. A series of interviews arranged with people that were born or have lived in the neighborhood for a long period of time where the stepping stone to develop Lavapiés Chipén: Sonic memory of a neighborhood.

The field work that we have referred to above was intermingled with audio recordings, when possible, of the concrete sounds, events and/or places mentioned by those interviewed as well as others which were detected by the composers themselves (to these recordings, others, belonging to the www.madridsoundscape.org online project were added).

This current project was conceived while considering environmental sounds and the aural element as a highly valuable mode of representation and means to obtain knowledge.