Gregory Büttner



Living and working in Hamburg, Germany


  • Participation at the project 'Microton - Science und Sounds' new sounds for historic science movies. Special programm at the Kurzfilmfestivals Hamburg 
  • Participation at the project 'Reise ins 21 Jahrhundert', Composers in the Schools! A Project of Landesmusikrats Hamburg in cooperation with the Hochschule für Musik und Theater
  • Co-organizer (together with Sebastian Reier) of a series of movie events around the topic 'sound and picture'
  • Videoscreenings at: 2:13 festival [athen], metropolis, b-movie, infernale, s.k.a.m. kurzfilmfunk
  • Launch of the label 1000füssler which releases experimental music and video
  • Co-founder of the musician-organisation verband für aktuelle musik Hamburg,
  • Member of the musician-association hörbar e.v. 
  • Specialization in audiovisual work: sound, video, photography
  • Communication design studies at the university for applied sciences, Hamburg


  • nil_audio, 3'cd-r /AIC 
  • 23 ZOOMS, dvd-r + cd-r /1000füssler 
  • every, 3'cd-r /1000füssler 
  • 3'/1, 3'cd-r /1000füssler 
  • heiz, track on the cd 'heizung raum 318' with S.Funck, A.Tietchens, N.Stephan /1000füssler 
  • domichel, contribution to the compilation 'Der Michel und der Dom', CD / Grünrekorder 
  • tischbrunnen, contribution to the compilation 'Verfassung', LP / Hamburger Hörbar e.v. 
  • alugeige, mp3-single
  • Soon: walze 1-8, cd /fireworks edition records
  • tba, cd / collaboration with Rhodri Davies / con-v 


  • Since 2001 exist the audio duo 'für diesen abend' (engl: for this evening) with Stefan Funck. Partly in co-operation with the artist Katrin Bethge, who uses overhead projectors to convert the sounds of the duo to visuals and vice versa.
  • Performances in Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Nijmegen, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Dresden, Erlangen, Detmold, Stralsund.
  • Festivals: International Filmfestival Rotterdam 2007, 8. Festival Garage 2004 (Stralsund/Germany), The Art of Overhead 2005 (Copenhagen / Denmark), Blurred Edges 2006 -12 Tage aktuelle Musik (Hamburg)
  • Placard@ClubTransmediale (Berlin), Hafensafari
  • Releases:
  • self titled, cd-r / 1000füssler
  • Live, cd-r + video/Alulatonserien
  • verbiegung der normallinie, contribution to the compilation 'prosit zur letzten tide', 2cd-r / Hörbar
  • Soundtrack for the shortfilms Ellipse (2003 / 10 min / 35mm ) and Innen (2004 / 20 min / 35mm) by Martin Kaatz