“I will reflect through drawings on the state of Madrid, Spain, Europe and the rest of the World”.

Drawing is the tool that Dan Perjovschi employs as method for intervening in the social space, whether the space appropriated in a museum, exhibition hall or public area, on its walls or through media tools: newspapers and, on occasion of MADRID ABIERTO, street furniture. Perjovschi’s drawing is simple and direct, spontaneous and nearly caricaturist. His work is completely self-connected, being able to establish relations, dialogues and continuities between different works produced by the artist for different projects.

His drawings are observations on the political, social, cultural and artistic situation of wherever he happens to go, establishing a dialogue between those places and his own status of Rumanian artist who has lived through the communist to the capitalist regime transition and finds himself in a type of no-man’s land, somewhat similar to his occupation situation, a type of itinerant commentator who talks about what he sees with large doses of sharpness, simplicity and without qualms. Together with his modest use of resources and the spontaneity of his strokes, his sharp sense of humour stands out in his drawing interventions as one of his most distinguished features.


Muppis Pº del Prado- Pº Castellana

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