Nexus Art Group

Flexible and pervious international artistic group made up by:
marjorie kanter (USA, writer)
maría papacharalambous (Cyprus, plastic artist)
achilleas kentonis (Cyprus, multimedia artist)
delgado-guitart (Tanger /Madrid, multimedia artist)
ricardo echevarría (Spain, multimedia artist)

This project seeks to raise sensitivity on the loss of privacy which we are heading towards and, at the same time, to experiment with the new creative language offered by the new media.

Systems are installed that send sms/mms to all passers-by carrying a mobile terminal and who cross a previously established area, thereby distributing a number of messages/images generated by the [nexus*]artgroup. Each passer-by crossing a hot-spot receives a message/image in his/her terminal.

In this case the artistic subject (images and texts) is transmitted in its purest virtuality to passers-by with mobiles who cross a pre-designated area.

This intervention entails a hybrid adoption of the so-called spam advertising mechanism and of the irruption methods of artistic/political messages used in situationism and urban art. It is a communicative initiative that aims to raise the shock of the message.

The mobile terminals are the reception spaces of the artistic discourse and the urban setting makes us witnesses of an art that shifts towards the audience.

The artistic discourse extends to the electronic space making it, together with the personal terminals, the temporary settings of the intervention.

We consider this project an urban experiment as well as an active example of the re-consideration of art work and its multidisciplinary nature.