I am a clown

Fausto Grossi

Length: 1' 07''
Format: Mini DV

I am the cyber clown in flesh and bone.

Through playing he likes to dig into our human condition. Into the way we present and represent ourselves and others. Where social body, psychic body, physical body defines us. To recognize, assume and manifest our interior clown is hard for us. But it is also there where we can criticize and look for accomplices. It makes you laugh to think about it.

He doesn't like the way things are going and he wants to change them. I am a clown. I am a clown, in the language of the empire. From that point of view it is interesting to see people's reaction and, of course, also his reaction. He is an observer and observed at the same time.

The action takes place in front of the Roman Parliament. A place where big decisions are made, where power is practiced and exhibited.