Kawamura Ganjavian

The INFOMAB2010 project originated as a way of promoting the MADRID ABIERTO programme in the centre of Madrid by giving out information. As a temporary visitor, the small and slightly elevated pavilion seems to be in Madrid only for a small period of time.

INFOMAB2010 is a place for people to pass through and to stay at the same time.
It hosts small events and also deliver information to the pedestrians that walk along the busy boulevard of Paseo de Recoletos. The project is the product of an ingenious approach that intends to create a representative space with minimal economic and material resources, to welcome visitors.

The pavilion is a cylindrical industrial deposit that has been drilled in order to create two big accesses and multiple small gaps (portholes). Its location, between the ready-made and the urban installation, gives the device a solid and homey image at the same time.

During the day, both accesses create a magical atmosphere of light, and, at dusk, internal light radiate towards the street through dozens of open gaps.

Kawamura-ganjavian has conceived this unique project as an experiment dealing with the architectural possibilities that recycled prefabricated elements of FP (fibreglass polyester) may have.


Design Kawamura-Ganjavian (Pº de Recoletos, central boulevard)

La Casa Encendida (Ronda de Valencia nº 2)

Espacio 28004 (C/ Marqués de Santa Ana nº 4)

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