Diario Sonoro

Hernani Villaseñor

Length: 7' 08''
Tenchnique: Acusmática

This piece was created in 2008 by field recordings made in the cities of Morelia and Mexico DF, recordings that took place in the sonic environment of the composer and that, at the same time, were registered in a logbook with the date and place of each recording. In a similar process to that of using a diary but instead of writing down the events, here the appear in a sound format.

Diario Sonoro recollects sounds from open and intimate spaces that the composer inhabits, listening situations that submerge us in different environments through fragments of sound, natural and processed, in a discourse that does not have a determined order. It simply opens up small windows of sound mixed in such a way that they offer a structure in which the piece is moving from one atmosphere to another. From calm to tens, in which metallic sounds mixed together offer a new dimension and color to the textures of sound.