Javier Díez Ena

Length: 2' 42''

This piece is made of two individual sounds .The squeaking sound of the hinge of a door when closing slowly and the metallic sound of a Phillip Stark lemon squeezer being hit with a spoon. Thanks to possibilities enabled by software (fundamentally by Ableton Live 6.0) these two sounds have been processed with effects, loops, editions and partitions, until musical elements have been extracted: rhythms, melodies, bass lines, cushions, etc.

The inspiration for this piece is inevitably provided by the two Pierres, pioneers of concrete music: Schaeffer and Henry, but also keepers of this musical legacy such as Luc Ferrari or Francisco López, from these saviours of concrete music to more hedonistic results such as Matmos or Herbert and, of course, masters of modern electronic as Autreche or Pan sonic.

The final aspiration of this piece is the sublimation of concrete music towards a more enjoyable result from the a musical and melodious point of view, without having to bear in mind the conceptual element of the work, this is, the concrete origin of sounds.

To sum up; this piece may be enjoyed in two different ways: praising its essence as concrete music (lets not forget that the only sources of sound are a door and a squeezer) or, passing this by and concentrating only on the final result, enjoying what is heard by the ear and, not as much, what is suggested to the informed intellect, this is, a musical piece which is constructed with shocking textures, having an electronic aroma and with a relevant danceable element to it.