Félix Vs. Cousteau

Left Hand Rotation

Techinque: video editing
Length: 3'

Forget about climate change, the melting of the poles or the real estate aberrations that take place on our shores. Felix VS Costeau is the final showdown between the two great forces of nature, two of its four basic elements: ‘The earth against the sea': since the origins of our planet each of them has tried to occupy the globe in their own particular manner. The sea is capable of eroding the earth but there are many cases of islands and small artificial continents created above the water.

This struggle is represented by Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente and Jacques Costeau, two of the television martyrs, two icons of contemporary culture that invaded television and the media in the 80's and left behind an inheritance with which we must now deal.

This piece is the first televised debate between these two characters.