Laurence Bonvin

Ghostown is a photographic project about some of the new neighbourhoods in and around Madrid, mainly Seseña in the South and Valdeluz in the North. The series of photographs looks at the state of these places after the financial crisis severely hit Spain at the end of 2008, triggering the collapse of the real estate sector.


Constructions were either brutally suspended ¬- like in Valdeluz, an unfinished city planned for 30.000 where a mere 400 people live at the present time. Or, as in Seseña, left empty due to speculation as the large majority of owners never intend to live in this remote area and are now unable to sell their flats. Ghostown is a journey through the uncanny vacancy and observes the lifeless, melancholic state of these on-going construction sites.

During MADRID ABIERTO 2010 Ghostown will be showcased in different formats: as a free large format publication, as postcards as well as images published in the newspaper Público.



Diario Público

Espacio 28014 (C/ Marqués de Santa Ana nº 4)

INFOMAB (Pº de Recoletos, central boulevard)

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