Insert the name of the city here

Yves Couossement

Year: 2005
Length: 08' 52"
Format: WAV.-FILE (stereo, 44kHZ)
Place of audio recording: Ghent and Brussels
Voiceovers: Tourists

These days, reflections on the future generally dwell on a commercial or global economic context. The extent to which various cities present themselves, on an innovative and globally competitive scale, on the Internet via PowerPoint presentations serves to illustrate this statement.

The starting point in Insert the name of the city here is the fact that each of these PowerPoint presentations consists of the same topics and structure (slogan + standard background + logo). The tourism and city marketing sector uses the same worn-out phrases all over the world to speak about the qualities and advantages of cities.

In the sound work the apparently naive and utmost dogmatic technique becomes even more dubious as the catch phrases of the compiled PowerPoint presentation are being read aloud by a series of tourists. As the pages of this compiled presentation stay behind, this sound work also focuses on the feeling of doubt and uncertainty that surrounds these 'interpreting' voices.